PCT Resupply Options Make Me Wanna

As if planning resupply for the JMT didn’t already drive me crazy with anxiety, now I need a resupply plan for the PCT…and there are just too many options! At least with the JMT it was like, “Well, you gotta send something here if you want to eat.” And that was just for a few weeks. Now it’s like, “Yeah, you could send something, or you could buy something, or you could buy something and then send it farther along, or you could not send or buy anything and just wait for the next town……” Ack. My eyes are glazing as I write this.

I mean, it could be as simple as, do I want to work extra hard now so I can slack on zero days, or do I wanna play more video games now and spend time buying and sending and bouncing when in town? I can’t really picture myself doing anything other than eating, taking 5 showers and 2 baths ,and a maintenance wank before falling coma-like into bed whenever I finally drag myself to town. But that imagined fatigue is probably not true after about a month on trail, right? I’ll probably be full of energy and zim and sick of whatever crap I sent myself 100 years ago be like, “Damn I shoulda just planned on buying and bouncing on trail! What a waste; I coulda gone ahead with that whole Breaking Bad-Walking-Dead-Bridezilla-Buffy the Vampire Slayer-a-thon I was considering!”

My husband dubious about my crass usage of wank in a public arena