I Accidentally Made My Mom Like the PCT Even Less Than Before

Perhaps it was a mistake to send Yogi’s Handbook to my Mom in Colorado. I thought it would soothe her nerves and that once she had a more clear idea about what “Doing the Trail” entailed, she would be excited and proud of me; possibly even impressed by her slacker-esque daughter having such an ambitious goal. In retrospect, it was a completely stupid idea and I wouldn’t recommend it. For instance, when I got the book, what I saw was Yogi’s essay about how she came to the trail, and subsequently became a Triple Crowner and decided to write a guidebook for others who had similar goals. What my Mom saw was a giant disclaimer detailing the dangerous elements one can face along the trail. I don’t think she made it past that for a few days. She wrote to me, “…I am frightened for you. I was just worried before…..” D’oh!

Yogi’s very necessary disclaimer from her book, “Yogi’s PCT Handbook.” A very worthwhile read. Some Moms won’t like reading it, though.


Oops. I didn’t mean to scare you Mom! Sorry!


I have canned my plans to send the Handbook to my in-laws and am instituting a “Need to Know” attitude for friends and family in terms of information from now on……a.k.a “Operation Broad Strokes”. They don’t need to know what they don’t need to know until they need to know it. Until then I will paint pretty pictures. And omit at my discretion.

*I’d highly encourage anyone planning to hike the PCT to read it. Yogi’s PCT Handbook Contrary to my Mom’s reaction, the book is informative and helps allay the fear of the unknown with practical data, tips, and advice from several other thru-hikers.)


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