Day 4: Zero in Alpine, Ca

March 23
Mileage 0
Miles 0

Last night was so cold, and none of us slept well. The clock on our car says it is 27 degrees out. We pack up fast and drive to Pine Valley, where there is a café that makes awesome breakfast sandwiches. Then we head to Alpine, where we booked a hotel for the day. I have been eating practically nothing while on trail, but off trail I get sudden onset hunger and even though it has only been an hour since our breakfast, I direct us to a Taco Bell and order an A.M. Crunchwrap – something I’ve wanted to try, but would never go get under normal circumstances. We look for a park where we can eat outside and walk Nisa, but the first place we find, Mission Regional, is completely packed with happy, svelte day hikers. We see a sign that says, “Santee Lakes”, which sounds promising, so we follow the signs and arrive at a pretty city park……that says “No Dogs” on a placard that I don’t see until the last possible second. The fee taker tells us we can drive to the RV parking lot, and Nisa can walk right around there. Okay, fine. It takes FOREVER to find this place she speaks of. Finally, we just park and eat, and Aaron takes Nisa on a stealth walk while I rest my feet on the dash-board.

Poor, beat up feetsies, bullied by the PCT.

Poor, beat up feetsies, bullied by the PCT.

After yesterday’s hike, I notice that I am starting to get blisters. I wrapped them accordingly earlier, and looking at them now, they have a poor, beat up look about them. I can’t wait to take a shower at the hotel. Maybe I will take a shower, a bath, and then ANOTHER shower! If they have any tubes of lotion, I’m gonna slather myself in the stuff. I don’t have any sunburn, but my skin is pretty dry on my face and my legs. I scroll through my email, and find new a blog post from Carrot Quinn, talking about how she took powdered Magnesium on the trail to help with leg cramps. Maybe I should get some Magnesium. And a Multi-Vitamin, too.

We drive to the hotel and pay to have an early check in. I shower, and then crash on the bed for a few hours. Nisa sleeps just as deep as me. She has not been having fun this trip. She does not like that I keep disappearing. When I wake up, we run errands, do laundry and pick up some Greek food. It’s disappointing, but I still eat all of it.

I crash again on the bed, messaging various people and reading blogs. I stay up late, watching Better Call Saul, Jon Oliver and Bill Maher.

I decide before I fall asleep, that I am going to hike South, from Mt. Laguna, where we already have a room reserved, back down to Boulder Oaks. It’s 15 miles, but it’s a declining elevation, maybe that will help my back/leg, rather than climbing up. Maybe I’ll even meet some other PCT’ers; I haven’t met any yet!

Nisa, the hotel bed Diva.

Nisa, the hotel bed Diva.

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