I’m Okay, You Okay? Changing Up My PCT 2015 Adventure

My blisters took 19 days to heal enough so that I could hike on them again. They are no longer bloody or infected, but they aren’t gone either. The blisters now are more in the manageable category, and I wouldn’t have had to leave the trail if they had been more like this. But I did have to leave the trail, and it just seems like it’s not in the cards for me to go back down south at this point. I have decided to section hike the trail, starting with Section “O” as a blister test, and maybe I’ll be able to hopscotch around and still get all or most of the trail this year. I shouldn’t be surprised that I won’t be doing it in a typical manner, that I will be tackling it in Amy Bee’s Bipolar style- haphazard, unconventional and scattered; using different markers for success, and just making a beautiful mess of things. I’m okay with it, I’ve made peace, although I do feel twinges of envy as I read about all the people starting the trail, making friends, having an experience that will remain a mystery to me.


My life as a squiggle.


So I repacked my pack, purchased different food (hopefully I will have a better appetite than I did in the desert) and tomorrow I go, off to Burney Falls, off to hike Section “O”.




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