Day 3 Oregon B: Easy Being Green

June 14
7.5 miles
I awake in a panic sweat around 2am as a crashing metallic sound begins to clang into the night. It’s organic sound, but not something man-made that I can identify, either. “THRACKKKK-SHHHA” it roars for 10 minutes. It’s a sound I imagine the gigantic, mechanical, malfunctioning bear in the Darktower books makes; crashing through the forest, mad bees buzzing in his head, forever protecting something that is long gone.
I listen for 5 more minutes before nudging Mooseburger. “Hey,” I whisper, “there’s something scary out there.” I watch his face. He thinks it’s scary, too. As the sound becomes more sporadic, sleep wins over fear and I just conk out. Mooseburger says he hears the sound again around 4 am. I wonder what it was.


Morning comes early, like they tend to do, and we are all groggy from the lumpy ground and loud monster sound.  I force some NutterButters down with a swig of water, pack, and look for a good place to squat. Then I throw a ball around for Deerchaser so she can happily go get it, and not give it back. Soon enough, she is whining, telling us to get our asses in gear- there’s trail out there to be trampled, dammit, there’s ground to sniff and pesky chimpmunks to lunge at and taunting squirrels to scare up trees. Hurry, hurry!


So we trample, we trod, we scare the squirrels up the trees. Everywhere is green, lush plant life complimenting a startling shade of blue sky. Oregon, a study in primary colors. We follow the green meadows and find the Hyatt Lake outlet gushing out its own watery blues, flowing through the greenest of green landscapes.


We pause to ooh and aah and then we’re off to find the road that goes to Hyatt Lake Resort, where resupply and rest are waiting for us. Its a 1.5 mile roadwalk in the middle of the day, and the sun belts down on me. I am  grouchy and foul. Seeing the lake helps a little, although it is abysmally low.


Then we are there and I can shake the grouch off. We all clamber into the clamber into the cabin with our separate agendas: D.Chaser to sniff every object within her sight, me stripping off my smelly clothes before the door is even closed, and Mooseburger debating the cheeseburger vs. the pizza.
I do laundry in the sink while Chaser snoozes and Mooseburger does chores and gets food. We all crowd around the little table and eat, making stupid jokes and strange sounding burps. Later, we notice there is a T.V. with HBO, and we cuddle up on the couch with cold pizza and dog biscuits to watch the finale of Game of Thrones. We go to sleep, minds happy and bellies full.


3 thoughts on “Day 3 Oregon B: Easy Being Green

  1. Drama on the trail – I love it! – “trail drama”.
    Did you ever find out what the metal clangie thing was??

  2. Mooseburger, I knew I didn’t name him right. It looks beautiful up there and I seems you guys are having a great time. Stay safe, I miss you. Mom

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