Day 10: Preparations in Julian

Today in Julian is bittersweet. While it’s cool that I’m preparing for my hike to Idyllwild, this is Aaron’s last day with me. He’s going to go home, back to our dog and our cats. I’m not feeling too good about it. Actually, I try not to think about it at all, because it makes me sick to my stomach.

Instead, I focus on pie. I’ve had two showers since last night, I’ve cut open my blisters and cared for them the best I can. I’ve even had a little bit of sleep. It’s time for pie. Aaron is out the door before I even finish my suggestion.

It’s cool and crisp out. There are a lot of tourists. Groups of people clog the sidewalk as they peek into stores and restaurants. Loud motorcycles and trucks vrooom on the congested little road. We duck into Mom’s Pies. Today it’s pies-not mountains- for breakfast! I order a slice of cherry and Aaron gets the strawberry rhubarb with whipped cream. He’s so happy right now, especially because he didn’t get to eat at the resource center last night.


The rest of the afternoon involves chores and writing posts and music blurbs. Aaron brings a bacon cheese sandwich back to the room from Granny’s and it is The. Best. EVER. I shop for food at the general store, not sure what to eat for dinner. With Aaron gone, I will be going stoveless. I buy some mashed potatoes, figuring they’ll taste okay with cold water. I also get some nuts, pop tarts, jerky, Pay Days and Lifesavers. I buy enough for 5 days, but back at the hotel, I decide it’s too heavy and cut a day out. I have a package of Fritos and a package of sunflower seeds as auxiliary food, if I need them.

In the evening, we go to Julian Cafe, which turns out to be disappointing. I go crazy and order a chicken-fried steak, but they bring me a chicken pot pie. I’m too hungry to send it back and wait for the right order. I only eat half of it, and later….well, you know…..I regret it. We drink beers well into the night, hanging out and staying close, each of us dreading the moment when we will part.