About Amy Bee

Amy Bee contributes to the Sacramento News & Review, and her work has appeared in Salon, The London Reader, and Indiana Voice Journal, as well as others. Her essay, The Adult Section, recently won the Sunlight Press Summer Creative Nonfiction Award. When she isn’t writing, Amy likes to backpack long distances and marinate in her constantly nagging existential worries. Find her worries at www.lionbythetail.com and her backpacking at www.mountainsforbreakfast.com


If you want to discuss backpacking, seeing the world or the struggles of mental illness, please feel free to email me at nakedmittens dot gmail dot com. I will try to get back to you when I can.

YUM! Bean and rice mush!

YUM! Bean and rice mush!

Aaron subjected to rounds of Ziplock dining








Nisa aka Deerchaser aka Tru-Thru


The cats Seven and Sammy, not interested in hiking. Or the dog.